• History

    To date, EHEIM, mp and JÄGER are the three major European aquatics brands. Each one is leader in its field and is a byword for top quality - made in Germany.

Year 2010 till 2012

● Introduction of the first EHEIM Nano
   Aquarium (EHEIM aquastyle) into the market
● Introduction the thermo filter EHEIM professional
● Presentation of the first EHEIM external filter
   (EHEIM aquacompact) for Nano aquariums
● Introduction of the EHEIM mp vivaline – the
   exceptional all-inclusive aquarium combination in a
   variety of designs and tank sizes

● The brands mp and JÄGER have been gradually
   withdrawn and placed under the group brand
   of EHEIM
● 60 years of aquarium production / production site
● mp Objektbau is rebranded as EHEIM shopDesign
● Introduction of the incpiria range – The furniture
   aquarium with an avant-garde design
● Introduction of the micro series (skim350, miniUp,
● EHEIM reeflexUV – the UV clarifier with innovative
   reflector technology

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