• History

    To date, EHEIM, mp and JÄGER are the three major European aquatics brands. Each one is leader in its field and is a byword for top quality - made in Germany.

Jahr 2013 bis 2014

● Gunther Eheim dies on February 2nd, 2013 at
   the age of 93
● Anniversary “50 years EHEIM external filters”
● Introduction of the EHEIM incpiria marine range
● New compact flow pumps for natural living
   conditions in the aquarium

● EHEIM product range extended with the
   introduction of food and water treatments
● powerLED & LED now available for aquarium
● Introduction of proxima/proxima plus – The mixture
   of materials of glass, brushed real aluminium
   surface and modern wood decor guarantees simple
   but high-value elegance
● Purchase of intek GmbH

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