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    There are many reasons for having an aquarium - the colourful fascination of the underwater world and the special ambience they provide in the home. In addition to the correct technology, a great many biological and biochemical processes play a part in the ecological cycle of an aquarium.

EHEIM Aquarium App

Anyone interested in aquaria who would like to gain an initial overview of, and an insight into this fascinating world, will find practical tips and tricks for dealing with fish and plants in the new EHEIM app. Thanks to its extensive tools such as water analysis, a volume calculator as well as a reminder centre (e.g. reminders to change the water), the EHEIM aquarium app is suitable for everyone, from starters to professionals to dealers. Creating of several aquariumsi s possible as well. The EHEIM app is suitable for all aquaria, whether fresh water or marine water. The choice is yours!


How it works:
The EHEIM aquarium app allows you to analyse the measured water values of your aquarium, providing you with a result specially tailored to your requirements and suitable optimisation notes. Water care is therefore made child’s play.
To start with, you create your profile by storing the water type, the shape and size of the aquarium, and the resulting volume. Then, you measure the water values, enter these values and follow the advice provided. This process will easily and quickly provide you with a functioning and healthy underwater world. In the case of critical test results, you are automatically reminded to repeat the measurement.
Each measurement of your water values is stored, so that you can access them at any time. In the long term, this will provide you with an optimum overview of the correct way to care for your aquarium. You can share your results with friends or send them to your dealer.


Good to know:
The EHEIM aquarium app is available both as an Android version (play store) and as an iOS version (app store).
The new EHEIM watercare product range is one of the most advanced water care products on the market, allowing you to make gentle, but effective improvements to the environment – without brutal interventions. The products already meet the more stringent EU regulation on active substances, which does not come into force until July 2015.
All of the relevant water tests can be performed with EHEIM liquidExpert. More information is available from the guidebook area of the EHEIM aquarium app.


Download the EHEIM Aquarium App - for iPhone (iOS)
Download the EHEIM Aquarium App - for Android



Tips for aquariums
The “aquarium guidebook” is well suited to starters. It explains how to keep water plants and fish in a way appropriate to the species and how to create a healthy habitat. In addition, it contains practical tips and tricks which are helpful in everyday life - for example, what types of aquariums are available, how to find a suitable location for the aquarium and what form of daily care is required. It also provides useful hints regarding filter systems, aquarium heating and the right combination of fish and plants. There are also special tips for those who enjoy travelling, advising them that, thanks to feeding units, they can leave their fish alone for a few days with a clear conscience.

Tips for mini aquariums
The latest generation of so-called mini aquariums is presented in the “guidebook to nano aquariums”. These are smaller than normal aquariums and can therefore be accommodated in smaller rooms as real eye-catchers. Nano aquariums are particularly suitable for extraordinary world of plants or interesting species of shrimp. The guidebook also explains why crustaceans are more difficult to keep and how the aquarium water can be kept pure and clean.

Quick and easy: The world of fish and the world of plants
The world of fish should delight anyone wanting to quickly gain an overview. Here you can specify, for example, the original region, the available space and the water type – one click then displays all the fish which are suitable for your conditions and preferences. Similarly, this feature is also available for plants: After indicating the plant species, the nutrient and light requirements, and the class of growth in the world of plants, suitable plants are suggested. The whole process also works the other way around: By entering the name of your own plants, you can check what pH value, what temperature and what light conditions are required, to ensure that your aquarium has the best possible chance of thriving.

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