• Additional things you need

    In order to care for your underwater world and to make your life and that of your fish more pleasant you should get yourself a few helpful accessories.

Additional things you need

• a clean bucket – to be used just for your aquarium
  and not for other cleaning purposes
• sponge or glass cleaner (also just for use in
  the aquarium)
• hose (at least 1,5 – 2 m long, 15 – 20 mm diameter)
  for a partial water change
– or even better: the EHEIM gravel cleaning set
– which can also be used for partial water changes
  (see description)
• fish net (from EHEIM) for inserting or removing fish
• thermometer (from EHEIM)
• the most important water testing products

You should have these items as well:

• the EHEIM fish feeder, so that you don’t have to
  be there every day and can go on holiday now and
• the EHEIM plant tongs, so that you can take out
  dead debris without disturbing the fish by
  putting your hands in the water,
• the EHEIM gravel cleaning set, to get rid of rotting
  particles and to facilitate the partial water change,
• the EHEIM automatic gravel cleaner, to vacuum up
  dead particles without disturbing the gravel.
• EHEIM powerCleaner, with the battery operated
  EHEIM glass scraper any stained or calcified
  glass panes can be quickly and easily cleaned.
  Even the most stubborn stains such as
  green spot or brush algae can be effortlessly
• EHEIM reeflexUV, reeflexUV is another typical
  innovation from EHEIM: Due to the built-in
  reflectors the UV-C radiation, which kills
  off microorganisms, is significantly enhanced.
  In conventional UV sterilisers the water is
  directed via detours past the UVC burner,
  in the EHEIM reeflexUV it takes the direct
  route – there is therefore no loss of
  performance. You use less energy and the
  performance level is 1,8 times better.
  reeflexUV should be used to support the
  filter, in order to reduce microorganisms
  (germs, algae spores etc. ) in the aquarium.
  There are 3 models available for aquariums
  from 80 up to 800 Litres.
• EHEIM miniUP, it’s small, gives excellent
  performance and is simple to fix to the tank
  with suction cups. The filter sucks the water
  in through vents, carries it through the filter
  sponge and directs it further up, cleaned, back
  into the tank. You can also connect an
  outlet hose in order to adjust the outflow
• EHEIM miniFLAT, this unique little flat water
  filter is designed differently to an internal
  aquarium filter: It doesn’t hang on to anything,
  but rather lies horizontally in the water.
  It is fixed with suction cups to the bottom
  of the tank. Here it draws the water in from
  below, pumps it through the filter sponge
  and directs it out filtered at the top. The
  surface water movement makes the drinking
  water for reptiles visible. If you want
  to adjust the outflow direction, you can
  attach an outflow hose.

Your specialist aquatics retailer has other useful equipment from EHEIM in stock. Just ask him.