• How to feed your fish correctly

    Your fish need vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and fat. All these are contained in fish food as dry, frozen or live food; in the form of flakes, granulate, crisps, sticks, pellets, tablets, gel etc. as well as live larvae, fleas and crabs ...

Each type of fish has its own requirements and preferences.

Seek advice as you buy them. Some don’t eat dry food, some even depend on live food.

• Normally you can use flakes as the main
  food. It will be eaten at the water surface
  and also while sinking to the lower
  reaches of the tank. As a treat you can
  add other delicacies to the menu.

• Achten Sie auf gute Qualität. Denn Futter,
  das nicht optimal verwertet wird, erhöht durch
  mehr Ausscheidungen der Fische oder verschmähte,
  faulende Reste die Nitratwerte im Wasser.

• Be sure to use a good quality food.
  Food which is not well produced, raises
  the nitrate due to higher levels of fish
  waste and rotting pieces of unwanted
  fish food in the water.

• Use an EHEIM fish feeder. You can
  programme it to give the correct daily dose,
- even if you go on holiday