• How filtration works

    Basically the filter sucks the water in, pumps it through various filter layers and pumps it out again, clean and aerated with oxygen. The filter layers consist of laboratory tested filter media and filter pads which are used as necessary.  

Dabei unterscheidet man folgende Filterarten:

In the first cleaning process larger dirt particles are removed.

Due to the colonisation of bacteria, toxins are converted in a natural process.

Active carbon takes up toxins and traps remains of chlorine, cleaning agents, medicines, dyes etc.

• Use active carbon max. 1 to 2 weeks,
  as the trapped toxins will escape again
  after some time and be pumped back
  into the aquarium water.
• Normally you will only need adsorptive
  filtration at the start up of your aquarium
  (see p. 13 onwards) or after treatment
  of ill fish with medicine.

Specially treated peat will lower the pHvalue and reduce the water hardness.

• Filtration with peat is advisable when
  the pH-value of the water is too high.
  However, that works only up to a carbonate
  hardness of approx. 8 °d CH.
  Otherwise a partial water change is
  required. If using peat filtration, always
  keep your eye on the ph-value!
• Only with a few soft water fish (eg.
  tetras or discus) can you increase the
  acidity of the water. Please seek advice