• At last you can put your fish in!

    When the plants have settled, the bacteria cultures have colonised and are doing their job, when the water quality is right and the whole biotope is functioning correctly ... then you can add your fish.

The following rules should be adhered to:

• If you have matured your aquarium
  for 2-3 weeks, everything should be
  okay. But doing another water quality
  test wouldn’t do any harm (nitrite test!).
• Don’t forget the rule of thumb: 2 litres
  of water per 1 cm fish length
• First of all introduce a few algae destroyers,
  eg. Flying Fox, bristlenose catfish
  or black mollies, guppies, platies
• Only after approx. 2 weeks should
  other fish be introduced.
• Start with a small number of types.
• Only choose fish, whose characters
  match each other and have more or less
  the same requirements of water quality,
  temperature, space, light and feeding.
• It is useful to have fish which like to
  swim in different areas, so that the fish
  separate and don’t get in each others’ way

How to introduce your fish with care:

• Switch the lighting off for a few hours;
  that calms the fish.
• Let the closed fish bag swim in the
  aquarium water for about 15 minutes;
  this will raise the temperature in the
  bag close to that of the aquarium.
• Then take out the bag, open it and
  gradually pour in water from the aquarium,
  till you have double the water
  quantity. The fish need to get used to
  the new conditions gradually.
• Introduce the fish gently with a soft fish
  net into the aquarium.
• Note!: Don’t put the water from the bag
  into the aquarium!
• Switch on the lighting only after
  approx. 3 hours.
• Don’t feed the fish on the first day;
  then for the first 2 days a little less than
  normal. (normal is: once or twice a day
  just the amount that is eaten in 2 to 3
  mins.; one fasting day a week).