• Positioning

    Your aquarium deserves an attractive place in your home. In a place where you can watch the underwater world, where you can relax and dream. However, the following points are important:

However, the following points are important:

• Avoid locations in direct or a lot of sunlight.
  Otherwise the formation of algae will be encouraged
  and the water unnecessarily heated.
• Avoid positioning near a radiator.
• An electrical socket should be close by.
• You need space above (for maintenance,
  water changes etc.).
• Make sure it stands straight (water surface!).
• Choose a place with a flat base.

And just in case you don’t choose an EHEIM aquarium combination:
• Don’t forget: The floor has to support the
  whole weight (water, tank, equipment
  etc. can be heavy. Rule of thumb: tank
  volume x 1,8 = total weight in kg.)
• Make sure you have a underlay to iron
  out any unevenness or sharp points.
  Aquarium pad out of special foam rubber
  material are available at your retailer

Once your aquarium is dressed and filled, it is almost
impossible to change its position; never move it when filled –
Danger of breakage!