• How to keep your aquarium in good shape

    In general you can leave your aquarium to function alone. If it is technically well equipped, the biological cycle is intact and if you do a little maintenance and cleaning now and again, it shouldn’t need any major attention for years.

You should however do the following:

• Always remove dead plant remains and
  other visible debris; treat any sickness

• Add some liquid fertiliser weekly,
  determining the quantity according to
  the iron content (Fe-test) - it should be
  between 0,05 – 0,1 mg/l.

• Every 3 to 4 weeks do a partial water
  change: replace approx. 1/3 of the
  water with luke warm mains water
  and at the same time clean the gravel,
  then add some water conditioner.

• When necessary:
- Clean the glass, removing algae and
  other remains (with a sponge or glass wiper),
- clean the gravel with the EHEIM automatic
  gravel cleaner,
- check water quality.

• Only clean the filter if the output significantly
  reduces (never at the same time
  as a partial water change , but rather 1
  to 2 weeks before or afterwards):
- Clean the parts with luke warm water
  only; rinse and squeeze dry filter pads
  and sponges; add new filter media,
  but mix back in about 1/3 of the used
  media, as it is well colonised with purifying

• After 6 to 10 months add substrate fertiliser.

• After one year renew the light tubes.

What to do, when ...?

A lot of algae forms: Then there is an ecological imbalance.
Check water quality, light conditions, correct
fertilising and fish food quantity and
quality – But also the fish population (too
many and/or too large fish?). The more
nutrients consumed by healthy plants,
the more difficult it is for algae to flourish.

Fish fall ill:It is normally not a disaster. Illnesses can
be introduced, but usually they result from
stress due to bad water quality, overpopulated
tanks, unbalanced or the wrong diet, fluctuations in temperature,
incompatible fish living together, too much disturbance
due to constant redecorating or the catching or transporting process.

If you discover an ill fish, treat it as soon as possible. There are good remedies. Ask you specialist retailer.