• Water quality in the aquarium

    Fish and plants, which come from natural tropical waters, require a specific water quality. Our water in Europe, in particular mains water, doesn‘t fully meet their living conditions. That‘s why we need to adapt it to these conditions.

The water must be like this:

Please note the following basic requirments:

• Choose your fish, as far as possible, to match the
   condition of your mains water. In particular the
   water hardness can be very different depending on
• Potentially toxic substances such as heavy metals
   (eg. copper, zinc) as well as chlorine should be
   treated with a water conditioner and other chemicals
   filtered out
• The water hardness (carbonate hardness) should be at
   least 3 to 5°d CH

Tips for good aquarium water:

• Install the correct type of filtration. Don’t skimp
   on quality. The filter is the beating heart of the
• Populate with fish according to aquarium size Rule of
   thumb: 2 litres of water to 1 cm. of full-grown fish.
• Don’t overfeed the fish. 1 to 2 times a day add just as
   much as can be eaten in 2 to 3 minutes. One day a
   week - no food! For best results use an EHEIM
   automatic fish feeder.
• Use a sufficient number of fast growing plants.
• Remove algae dead plant remains and other organic
   waste regularly. Now and again clean out the gravel
   with a gravel cleaner.
• Every 3-4 weeks do a water change; exchange
   approx. 1/3 of the water for water of similar
• Clean the filter as soon as the output noticeably
   reduces. BUT – NEVER (!) at the same time as a
   partial water change, rather 1 to 2 weeks
   alternately,  when the newly introduced water has
   had time to  acclimatise itself.