• What kind of lighting?

    The lighting in an aquarium is not just there for you as observer. Fish need only a little brightness. The important thing is the correct light for photosynthesis and growth of plants

Plants don’t grow without light.

• Through photosynthesis they break down toxins
   in the water and produce and produce essential
   oxygen for the fish
• All mp starter sets and aquarium combinations
   are fitted with the correct light units.
• If you want to have an aquarium without a hood,
   your specialist retailer can supply pendant lamps.
• The length of lighting time should reflect the
   cycle of nature. The light should thus be
   switched on 8 – 10 hours daily.
• It should always be switched on and off at the
   same time. Ideally you should control the lighting
   with a timer.
• Any change of time will irritate plants and fish.
   Perform any necessary changes in small steps
   (approx. 30 minutes).
• Change the light tubes after approx. 1 year, as their
   intensity degrades