• What size of aquarium?

    Before you decide on an aquarium, you should consider what you want to create, what kind of fish, whether you will be making changes later – and most importantly, where it is going to stand.

A sensible aquarium should be over 100 litres.

Above this volume most types of fish have relatively stable living conditions. The eco-system in the aquarium functions well and required maintenance
is limited. Smaller tanks need more care and attention. The water quality, in particular, should be monitored.

In the shops you will find aquariums from 54 up to 720 litres. They are equipped to a high standard. Furniture combinations in various designs fit in well with all room furniture types.

If you are a beginner, EHEIM starter kits offer the ideal solution. These kits comprise a glass tank with hood and lighting as well as an EHEIM internal filter and JÄGER heater; some models have even more equipment. There are special stands for these sets.