• The heartbeat of your aquarium – the filter

    What in nature is done by wind, waves and millions of organisms and biochemical processes, is done in the aquarium by the filter. It maintains the balance of the ecosystem, cleans and circulates the water, enriches it with oxygen, creates currents and much more.

Bevor Sie sich für einen Filter entscheiden, sollten Sie ein paar Dinge bedenken.

General tips:
• Use a suitable filtration system. The decisive factor is
   the quantity of water in your aquarium. (Check the
   volume of the aquarium!)
• Don’t scrimp on quality. The filter is an investment for
   several years. It has to work night and day. Only a
   reliable and quiet running filter gives lasting pleasure.
• Treat yourself to a little sophistication. Because clever
   features make your life easier and your fish more

Internal filtersare placed in the water
inside the aquarium. They work without
requiring any space outside the aquarium.
There are models for very small aquariums,
but also for tanks up to 200 litres and more.

You should choose an internal filter:
• if you have a small aquarium (up to approx. 150 l.),
• if the aquarium is not easily accessible or if there is no
   aquarium cabinet,
• if you need an additional mechanical
   filter or extra water movement for a larger tank.

External filtersare positioned outside the tank (eg.
inside the aquarium cabinet) and maintain your
underwater world via hoses. The advantages are that
they work with a variety of filter media, have larger
volume and work longer without maintenance.
There are a number of different models with various
features for aquariums from under 100 up to 1500 litres.

You should choose an external filter:
• if you have an easily accessible area outside the
   aquarium (eg. a piece of aquarium furniture),
• if you want to get the best water quality by using
   different filter media,
• if you want good performance and long
   intervals between cleaning,
• if you would rather work out of the water for cleaning
   and changing media,
• if you think it important to have excellent technical,
   practical and energysaving features (EHEIM models
   offer electronic controls, automatic selfpriming,
   integrated heating system, extreme quiet-running
   smoothness, low energy consumption and much more)