• Which plants?

    Plants are very attractive, but they also perform important tasks in the aquarium. They give out oxygen, break down harmful compounds, form territorial boundaries, and provide hiding places and quiet areas.

The plants in your aquarium do all this

Like bacteria, plants decontaminate the water. They remove ammonium, nitrate and phosphate, which comes, among other things, from fish waste. This process also removes the basic nutrients of algae.

By means of light, plants create carbohydrates (sugar) via photosynthesis for their growth. They also absorb CO2 exhaled by the fish. At the same time they give off oxygen, which the fish breathe in.

Unlike land plants, aquatic plants take in nutrients not only from the roots, but also from the leaves. In addition to substrate fertiliser, they therefore also need liquid fertiliser in order to take nutrients from the water (eg. AQUA FLUID 7 – to be used with EHEIM liquidoser).

To begin with, choose robust types of plants, which grow well and are not very demanding (about 100 to 150 types of plants are available, but only about 30 are actual aquatic plants).