• Basic equipment

    If you want to set up a marine water aquarium, you first need some good quality equipment. The most important is:

Marine water aquarium tank

The aquarium tank is the central element in the marine water system so when deciding what to buy, it is essential to take quality into account (and don’t let yourself be enticed into using a freshwater tank.) Saltwater is aggressive and all seals must be able to withstand it.

You should set your sights on as big an aquarium as possible or it will soon be too small. It won’t make much difference to the purchase price and the bigger the aquarium, the easier it will be to look after.

The minimum size is 150 litres but 250 – 500 litres or more is recommended. As a matter of course, marine water aquariums should be deeper than freshwater tanks (50 – 60 cm) as it is necessary to create different light zones (dim light, twilight, sunlight and strong light). Coral reefs will also usually grow upwards.

The EHEIM marine water aquarium offers the best requirements and good quality. They are also fitted with a patented, ultra-quiet overflow shaft.