• Guide Light

    With the latest results from EHEIM research light lab

If you delight in the beauty of the underwater world and would like to observe the colourful bustle in your aquarium – you need light.

The underwater world itself needs light too. Life in the aquarium can only exist with light but light is a complex physical phenomenon. Unlike the countryside, where there are many factors which influence the way in which light radiates, the lighting in a small artificial biotope must be the very best possible.

On the subject of lighting for aquariums, there is a lot of information and a great many opinions – and amongst them an abundance of superficial knowledge and a plethora of half-truths.

With this little Guide we should like to shine some light in the “semi-darkness” and, for this purpose, we have briefly summarised the essentials for you.

We shall also present you with the latest findings from our light laboratory: Our own super-efficient lighting concept that puts everything else in the shade.

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