• EHEIM concept of lighting

    We actually only wanted to test the multitude of products on offer in the market, but none really convinced us. We therefore sought out and researched new concepts – with surprising results.

New findings from our light laboratory

T5 Fluorescent tubes with new specialised fluorescent substances
Some years ago, when the more modern T5 technology was being introduced, the conventional pattern of T8 tubes (light colour etc.) was simply copied and, until now, many T5 fluorescent tubes have not been able to develop their potential. We have changed that.

With new specialised fluorescent substances we have successfully achieved considerably better results:
• Optimised luminous fluxes for maximum efficiency
• Optimum luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) – up to 60 % light efficiency compared to T8 tubes
• Standard HO (High Output)
• Clear light, a high level of bright light penetrating as far as the substrate (even to depths in excess of 50 centimetres)
• Ideally balanced spectrum, combined light colours (for plants and/or corals)
• Natural, genuine colour reproduction
• Very long lifespan of about 20.000 hours (at 10 hours a day for over > 4 years)
• 4 colours, 2 each for both freshwater and marine water aquariums (may be combined)

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Flexible LED strips with exceptional levels of performance
Applying the experience gained from our own “powerLED” lamp for smaller aquariums (e.g. nano tanks), we have developed LED light bars, which are not in any way inferior to fluorescent tubes. On the contrary: EHEIM powerLED lamps even offer the following additional advantages:
• 30 % increase in energy efficiency (1 watt generates 120 lumens; but T5 fluorescent tubes, on the other hand, only generate about 85 lumens)
• One 24 W LED lamp will replace, for example, one 39 W T5 fluorescent tube (including reflector)
• Optimum illumination as far as the substrate – even in aquariums over 50 centimetres in height
• Ideally balanced spectrums and combined light colours for plants and/or corals
• Full spectrum of sunlight with outstanding performance in ranges important for photosynthesis (freshwater)
• Natural, genuine colour reproduction (CRI > 90 freshwater)
• Even longer lifespan – more than 50.000 hours Std. (at 10 hours a day for over > 10 years)
• 4 colours – two each for both freshwater and marine water aquariums equivalent to colours of fluorescent tubes

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Additional advantage: flexibility
• There are 8 different lengths for aquariums, with a width of 37 – 154 cm (adjustable using an extending support frame of stainless steel)
• Using the T5 or T8 adapter, it is possible to replace almost any similar fluorescent tube
• The high-quality, solid aluminium casing (anodised) is resistant to marine water - for the purposes of DIN 8149-1
• A pre-drilled thread in the top of the casing can be used for screwing in bolts or hooks at the desired point (e.g. for attachment to a cover or cable suspension)
• Intelligent power supplies only provide the power which is actually required (12 V), thus saving energy
• A number of lamps can be connected to a single power supply using connectors