• Which types and technologies are available?

    In the case of aquarium combinations and complete sets, one or more fluorescent tubes will usually be integrated in the cover or hood. In the case of open aquariums there are suspended, clamped and mounted lamps of various types.

Good lighting is among the most important items of basic equipment in an aquarium.

• Fluorescent tubes are the most popular
form of lighting for aquariums. The conventional T8 tubes (diameter 26 mm) are still available, but the modern T5 tubes (diameter 16 mm) are much more efficient and technically superior – in particular those manufactured by EHEIM. They are available for freshwater and marinewater aquariums. Fluorescent tubes should always be used with suitable reflectors to amplify the light downwards.   

– a method of lighting that is gaining ground all the time. EHEIM’s new and flexible EHEIM powerLED lamps, for example, are capable of outstanding levels of performance that are in no way inferior to the performance that fluorescent tubes are capable of, and in many areas even improve upon them. The EHEIM powerLED lamp is ideal for small aquariums (e.g. nano-tanks) as an extra spotlight.   

• HQI lamps
are high-pressure mercury vapour lamps with metal halide which are mostly used in marine water aquariums. They are usually suspended above the aquarium, require add-on equipment and are still seldom found in home aquariums because of their high level of power consumption (“wattage”).  

• HQL lamps
are high-pressure mercury vapour lamps containing fluorescent substances. They need a ballast, offer no more than a limited colour spectrum and are rarely used nowadays owing to their relatively low level of efficiency.