• Guide for marine water aquariums

    Instruction for entry into an exotic world

“… just wonderful!“ When visitors see a tropical coral reef aquarium they usually go into raptures. The exotic colours have an almost magical effect.

Admittedly a marine water aquarium first has to “grow” for its splendour to unfold. This can take up to two years so you will need to be patient. Unfortunately not everyone can do that and some newcomers give up prematurely because they fail to appreciate the contexts adequately.

With this Guide we would like to help you understand those contexts better and do the right things from the outset. With that in mind we have brought the essentials together in such a way that you don’t have to read any lengthy treatises. You get the basics at the outset.

You can also look for technical literature which goes into greater detail or join an aquarium club but, most importantly, you should get in touch with a specialist dealer in marine water aquariums if you have any queries.

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