• Keeping your aquarium in good shape

    After the running-in phase your marine water aquarium will slowly begin to develop as it should: into a truly wondrous and colourful underwater landscape and a biologically stable ecosystem.

You should do the following:

• At all times
Remove dead organisms and visible waste materials immediately. Sick fish should be promptly treated in a quarantine tank.

• Every day
Feed fish once or twice – but only as much as can be consumed in 1–2 minutes (see automatic feeder); evaporated water (revers osmosis water) should be refilled (preferably using an automatic top-up); clean mechanical filtration; check all equipment is in good working order; measure temperature of water.

• Once a week
Clean glass; vacuum up waste; clean skimmer (preferably more often); add trace elements as required; fill evaporated water top-up tank with water (freshwater).

• Every other week
Partially change water (10 %); check water values (salt content, carbonate hardness, pH value, calcium and magnesium content).

• Once a month
Check short-term activated carbon filtration for (or CDOM – yellow coloured dissolved organic matter); check nitrate and phosphate levels; wipe salt off light bulbs and reflectors (using water).