• Maintaining water values at the optimum level

    Basically, you will only need one protein skimmer and one mechanical filter for your marine water aquarium. The process of biological filtration will be assumed by the living rocks and/or organisms in the aquarium.

To adjust water values, however, you may have to use specific media.

The protein skimmer
Immediately removes organic and inorganic protein compounds which are generated by excreta, food remnants, dead organisms etc., and also removes fine particles of dirt. This prevents the protein compounds from being broken down in the aquarium by bacteria and polluting the water with harmful chemicals. It also enriches the water with oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The mechanical filter
This consists simply of a filter mat or a filter fleece that holds back particles of dirt and suspended matter.

The additional external filter
An external filter (example: EHEIM professionel 3) with a variety of media baskets that can be set up with filter pads and can also be filled with biological, adsorbent (activated carbon) or chemical filter media, as appropriate. (Caution – use carbon for no longer than necessary!)

Water circulation
From the aquarium, the water flows (in the case of an EHEIM marine water aquarium – through a patented, silent overflow shaft) into the filter tank (“filter sump”),where it is fed from the intake chamber with the protein skimmer, into the filter chamber with the mechanical filter (or additional external filter) and then into the collection chamber housing a return pump. 


Optimum water values

Temperature24 – 26 °C
Density (salt-content)1,021 – 1,023 g/ml (25 °C)
pH value7,8 – 8,5 (depending on the time of day)
Carbonate7 – 10 °KH
Calcium420 mg/l
Magnesium1350 mg/l
Nitrite< 0,1 mg/l
Nitrate< 10 mg/l
Phosphate< 0,1 mg/l