• The right way to feed your fish

    Your fish will need vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, roughage and fat. These are all provided by good fish foods as dry or frozen food. Do not use live food from freshwater cultures (mosquito larvae, fleas, shrimps, etc.).

Every species of fish has specific needs and preferences that you should acquaint yourself with when you buy your fish.

• At first, you should concentrate on species for which you do not have to satisfy any “special requirements” and which can be fed the same dry food. This will make things a bit easier for you – even when you are on holiday.

• Flaked and granulated food are particularly suitable as it will be consumed on the surface of the water and will also sink to the bottom. If you are using an EHEIM feeding station, you will lose considerably less food as the food will sink and not get into the overflow shaft.

• Quality is important, because food which is not digested properly will increase the level of nitrates in the water due to the increase of fish excreta and its waste remnants.

• If you use frozen food, it should be defrosted and rinsed vigorously in running water to wash off any nitrogenous compounds and phosphates.

• In the case of plant-eaters (herbivores, such as surgeon fish) you can occasionally – if there is not enough algae in the aquarium – enrich their diet with either lettuce or dandelion leaves. But be careful: vegetables must not have been sprayed and must first be washed thoroughly. It is preferable to buy suitable algae preparations.   

• You should only provide as much food, once or twice a day, as will be consumed in one or two minutes.

• Do not include any days of fasting as is often recommended in the case of freshwater aquariums.

• Use of an EHEIM automatic feeder means you will be able to programme individual, daily feeds. It will reliably provide your fish with food – even when you are on holiday.


EHEIM feeding station – the added extra for improving life in your aquarium. The aquarium water will stay cleaner for longer and you can keep an eye on all of your fish.