• You will also need

    To care for your marine water aquarium and to make your task easier, you should provide yourself with a few useful extras. Some of these you will be able to acquire gradually.

You should definitely have:

• A clean bucket – reserved for your aquarium and banned from other cleaning jobs around the house

• A largish container (drum, bucket), in which you can put the saltwater for the initial filling and for partial water changes
• Glass wiper / glass cleaner(EHEIM powerCleaner)

Suction hose(at least 1.5 – 2 metres long, diameter 15 – 20 mm) for partially changing the water – or preferably the EHEIM gravel cleaning set – which will also be helpful when doing a water change (see description)

• A densimeter

• Ideally, and most importantly, test kits and equipment for testing the water

You could also buy the following:
• AnEHEIM automatic feeder, for regular feeding even if you are on holiday

• AEHEIM feeding station

EHEIM plant tongsso that you can reach and remove dead matter without disturbing the fish unnecessarily

EHEIM gravel cleaning set, to remove waste and to make it easier to partially change the water

• TheEHEIM Quick vacpro, for removing waste without churning up the substrate

• A EHEIM fish-net and a EHEIM thermometer with suction pads

• A EHEIM MultiBox