• It’s so easy

    This checklist will help you to do the right thing step by step. However, only the basic principles are included, so please read the following pages in order to better understand the factors and subtleties involved.

How to prepare:

Correct position
No direct sunlight, not too much daylight,
away from radiators, near an electrical
socket, upright, stable base.

Write your shopping list
EHEIM aquastyle Set (16, 24 or 35l.) with
filter and lighting; also if needed, a cabinet;
gravel base (fertilizer, gravel bottom
fertiliser mixture, fine gravel 0,7-1,2mm –
not too light-coloured); plants; decoration;
water conditioner; other equipment (heater) and
Important: don’t buy any livestock yet!

Prepare plants and decoration
Unpack plants – remove elastic bands and pots and
rinse thoroughly; for decoration use only materials
(stones, xylolith etc.) which do not leach particles
into the water (lime, metals etc.) – also wash

Tank cleaning
Before installation, clean the aquarium thoroughly:
use only warm water and a soft sponge, no chemical

How to create your little paradise:

Put in gravel base
Three layers: 1. fertiliser, 2. gravel bottom
fertiliser mixture (2 cm); 3. gravel layer
(3 cm); slope the gravel slightly towards
the back (5 – 8 cm total height).

Install technical products(Do not switch on!)
Attach filter (filled with media) and lighting;
if necessary heater.

Use stones and wood to create small hiding
places (caves); if desired attach plants
(eg. moss) so that they can grow.

Pour in some water
Up to 2/3rd height, 3/4 fill with lukewarm
tap water (approx. 20 °C); don’t let the
water disturb the gravel (pour it gently
over a saucer or flat stone for instance).

Put in plants
Shorten roots if necessary; press into the
gravel with flat tweezers; plant up to 3/4
of the surface; larger plants towards the
back; (cover over equipment

Fill with water
Lukewarm tap water up to approx. 3 cm
below aquarium top. Add water conditioner.

Switch on your equipment
Let the filter run normally; set heater at 20 °C;
switch the lighting on for a constant 8-10
hours (timer).

Let aquarium mature(without livestock)
Clip on the cover plate and wait approx.
2-3 weeks; add bacteria starter to water if
necessary; keep an eye on the temperature
(18-24 ºC) and water quality (ammonia,
nitrite, pH, CH, GH).

How to ensure quality of life:

Choice of livestock
Colourful shrimps (dwarf shrimps) and/
or crabs (check compatibility of different
types), perhaps also water snails; fish –
even small ones – don’t belong in a nano
aquarium! 1 cm of fish requires 2 l. of water;
start with just a few types of fish which
can live together; then add a few algae
eaters, later other types of fish; make sure
they have enough swimming room.

Only a small amount (special shrimp food,
leaf fall or fresh vegetable if required); one
or two days a week the fish should fast.

Plant care
Remove old and rotting pieces immediately;
give a weekly dose of fertiliser; add gravel
fertiliser after 6-10 months; make sure you
use good quality lighting.

Water care
Remove algae and waste regularly; do
a partial water change every week (one
third); each time add water conditioner;
never clean the filter at the same time,
and only briefly every 2 to 3 weeks; check
water quality regularly.

Filtration system
Use only the supplied EHEIM filter and filter
media; run it day and night; only clean or
change the filter media as instructed, so
that the bacteria cultures are not completely

Chemical (incl. biological) cleaning agents
are strictly forbidden; do not use your
aquarium utensils like bucket, sponge,
hose etc. for other tasks.

Other care
Remove food remains, dead organisms
and so on immediately; occasionally
vacuum up undecomposed solid matter;
clean glass inside and out.

Helpful accessories
Fish net, thermometer, timer, plant tongs,
and other utensils for water testing and