• Nano-aquarium general

    Just look around your home. Isn’t there something missing? A decorative fixture? Something really eye-catching? Something original? Something living? A nano aquarium may be just the thing? A fascinating little underwater paradise.

EHEIM aquastyle – the small-sized design aquarium

Were you somewhat puzzled when you first heard the description “nano aquarium”? So were many others. But nano derives from the ancient Greek word “nannos” and subsequently the Latin word “nanus” meaning dwarf. And so a nano aquarium is simply a very small aquarium. Not much bigger than a six-pack! Some also call it a “bonsai aquarium”. Unlike larger aquariums, the nano aquarium has more of a decorative lifestyle character.

Nano aquariums are a recent trend

Nano is in. An original design object suitable for a home or office environment. A trendy glass cube full of life – put it on a shelf, on a sideboard, on a desk or with a matching cabinet as a stand-alone attraction in a room. A small underwater world, in which plants and living creatures (eg. colourful shrimps) attract the eye with its fascination. It’s exciting, relaxing and simply wonderful. The typical aquarium is a tropical community tank,
because they are more interesting and colourful.

Nano aquariums are easy

By following a few simple basic rules and using some suitable and helpful pieces of equipment it will cost you relatively little time and energy. However, you should always bear in mind that you are creating a small underwater biotope, that will only remain beautiful and in proper working order with the correct ecological balance.