• Technical equipment

    Life in your EHEIM aquastyle mainly depends on using the correct technology. It must be precisely adapted to the mini biotope and must never be too demanding of the system. So please never overdo it and only use the appropriate equipment and media.


The filter is the heartbeat of your nano aquarium. It maintains the balance in the ecosystem, cleans the water, extracts floating dirt particles, converts toxic waste using colonised bacteria, ensures constant water flow, prevents formation of different layers of temperature and distributes oxygen and nutrients.

The EHEIM aquastyle-filter has been specially developed for the mini aquarium. As a corner filter, it takes up little space; the intake is precisely regulated, so that small livestock, such as young shrimps, don’t get sucked into the filter. And it fits so close to the glass, that livestock cannot get trapped in the gaps.

The construction is ideal. The filter media canister can be easily unclipped. Behind the grill, a filter pad is used as a pre-filter and behind that is
the media box filled, for instance, with EHEIM SUBSTRATpro (also suitable for KARBON, bioMECH etc.). The filter stays in the tank during cleaning (or filling). You simply remove the components and replace them afterwards. As easy as that.


EHEIM SUBSTRATpro (Art.Nr. 2510021)
phenolfreier Filterschwamm (Art.Nr. 2616000)


The EHEIM aquastyle lighting with power LED (only 7 W) is intentionally designed round rather than a tube. In this way the
light shines more evenly on the square tank. The lamp is easily adjusted, so that the light can be directed at specific
planted areas.


For your nano aquarium you can use a 25 W (20-25l.) or 50 W (25-50l.) EHEIM thermostatic heater. The temperature dial is
calibrated from 18 to 34 ºC (adjustment accuracy +/- 0,5ºC). The temperature set is permanently constant. The heater is fully immersible
and is fixed in the aquarium by rubber suckers.