• So erreichen Sie gesunde Wasserqualität

    Healthy water is the essential ingredient. Tap water does not meet the conditions for life that , for instance, shrimps and other invertebrates or even fish require.By using water conditioners, bacteria starters and filtration, toxic particles can be neutralised or absorbed.

Therefore what is important:

• When adding or changing water always
  dose with water conditioner, (there are
  even special shrimp-friendly water conditioners).

• Occasionally, particularly in the maturation
  period, add bacteria

• Use only a suitable filtration system
  and leave it running permanently

• Change 1/3 of the water weekly and
  dose with water conditioner

• Clean the filter and filter media only
   infrequently and never at the same time
   as a partial water change – always 2-3
   days apart, so as never to completely
   destroy the bacterial colonies (see box)

• Feed only small amounts

• Keep aquarium clean: quickly remove
   algae, fish waste, food remains, dead
   plant remains etc.

Also you should test the water quality periodically (pH value, water hardness level etc.) and if necessary adapt to the various requirements of your livestock. You can get specific advice and a test kit from your aquatics retailer.

Filter maintenance
Clean the filter only infrequently – for instance, only when the water output drops significantly – in luke warm water. Simply rinse the filter cartridge (sponge) and squeeze out gently, so that the bacterial colonies are not completely destroyed. When you replace the EHEIM SUBSTRATpro, retain about 1/3 of the used, bacteria colonised substrate in the filter box.

Water temperature
If your EHEIM aquastyle stands in a room where the temperature is permanently over 18ºC, then you don’t necessarily need to heat the water. It depends on the individual requirements of your livestock (compare). Otherwise you should get yourself an EHEIM heater see next page.