• What livestock is suitable for your EHEIM aquastyle aquarium?

    In principle you should only keep invertebrates in you nano aquarium – that is shrimps and/or crabs. Additionally, perhaps a couple of snails as “cleaning agents”. Fish*, on the other hand – even small types – need room to swim around and don’t really belong in this mini tank.

Dwarf shrimps are the ideal inhabitants

They are fascinating creatures. There are several types with attractive colouring. They are fascinating to watch, while foraging
for food, fertilising the larvae, hatching the young, shedding their skins...

• Dwarf shrimps are undemanding,
  resistant and low maintenance. They
  only need a small amount of food and,
  depending on the type, can even tolerate
  a water temperature below 18ºC,
  although they then become somewhat

• Like all invertebrates they have an
  exoskeleton – their armour. They constantly
  have to adapt to grow. That is:
  when the armour becomes too small, it
  bursts the shrimp forces its way out and
  searches for protection (some hiding
  places in the decoration) until the new
  exoskeleton hardens after a few hours.

• Shrimps are gregarious and live in
  larger groups. Start by putting several
  of the same type together. They will soon

• If you would like to keep crabs
  (as well or exclusively), then seek more
  information. Some species neither tolerate
  each other nor the peaceful dwarf
  shrimps. Some are also predators.
  Snails, on the other hand, are
  usually very useful co-inhabitants. They
  keep the small biotope clean, devour
  rotting food and plant remains as well
  as carrion and feed on algae... This
  even keeps the glass cleaner for longer.
  However, snails also eat things which
  the shrimps like to eat, so keep their
  number within reason!

Dwarf shrimps can jump. So always put the cover over your EHEIM aquastyle.

In Germany and Austria, the keeping of fish in tanks of less than 54l. is prohibited. Exceptions exist