• How to look after your plants

    Plants in your aquarium not only add beauty, they are also extremely important. Together with bacteria they detoxify the water and also remove basic food algae thrives on. At the same time they give off oxygen, which the livestock need for breathing.

Please note:

• Plants grow and flourish solely from light
   (photosynthesis). For this reason the
   lighting must be switched on for 8 to 10
   hours per day (timer!)

• Aquatic plants not only take their
   nutrition through their roots – unlike
   terrestrial plants – but also via their
   leaves. Apart from gravel fertilizer they
  also need nutrients from the water and
  therefore regular fertilizer is necessary

• To begin with, choose robust types of
   plants, which take root well, don’t grow
   too big and are not too demanding.

EHEIM aquaLight LED
The attractively designed light with power-LED, specially
developed for the EHEIM aquastyle, gives off just the
right amount of light for rich plant growth.

Additional CO2 supply
Apart from light, plants need carbon dioxide (CO2)
for photosynthesis. As a rule invertebrates don’t
give off much. With a CO2 kit you can supply the
necessary dose if required. Please ask your
aquatics retailer.