• How to choose the best position

    Your EHEIM aquastyle deserves an attractive position. In a place where the design element catches the eye and where you can watch life flourish in this underwater paradise.

A few rules you should be follow:

Avoid locations in direct sunlight or too much daylight. Otherwise the formation of algae will be encouraged and the water unnecessarily heated (shrimps like it rather cool – between 18 & 24°C).

• Avoid positioning too near a radiator.
• An electrical socket should be close by
  for lighting and other equipment.
• You need space above (for, water
  changes & maintenance etc.).
• Don’t forget that the filled aquarium
  will be quite heavy and can only be repositioned
  with difficuly

EHEIM aquastyle furniture
The matching cabinet offers not only stability
but also a place to store your accessories. The
column cabinet is approx. 110 cm high (eye
level when sitting); width and depth are according
to the three different tanks sizes (24 x 24,
27,5 x 27,5cm, or 31 x 31 cm), so that the front
views are always level with each other.