• World Branding Award

    World Branding Award

    EHEIM awarded „Brand of the Year“

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  • NEW: EHEIM proxima classicLED

    NEW: EHEIM proxima classicLED

    Simple elegance with LED lighting.

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  • NEW: EHEIM aquaproLED

    NEW: EHEIM aquaproLED

    Complete with the best lighting.

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  • NEW: EHEIM variluxLED

    NEW: EHEIM variluxLED

    Universal - cover with lighting and ventilation

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  • NEW: EHEIM LEDcontrol

    NEW: EHEIM LEDcontrol

    Designed to control the different lighting options required to simulate nature’s colours and moods. Especially developed for the EHEIM powerLED+ serie..

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  • NEW: EHEIM classicLED

    NEW: EHEIM classicLED

    The energy saving and environmentally friendly freshwater light.

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EHEIM thermopreset

EHEIM thermopreset 50
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EHEIM compactON

EHEIM compactON 300
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EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight 360mm
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