• NEW: EHEIM incpiria

    NEW: EHEIM incpiria

    The aquarium combination with an avantgarde design. Classic beauty combined with simple elegance creates a subtle ambience in any modern living space.

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  • NEW: EHEIM CLEARUVC 24 & 36 Watt

    NEW: EHEIM CLEARUVC 24 & 36 Watt

    Efficient, energy-saving, durable!

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  • NEW: EHEIM Dimmer classicLED

    NEW: EHEIM Dimmer classicLED

    For natural lighting conditions in your tank.

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  • NEW: EHEIM classicLED plants

    NEW: EHEIM classicLED plants

    The energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED lights with a specifically matched light spectrum.

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  • And the winner is.....

    And the winner is.....

    EHEIM was selected as “best manufacturer of the year” in France

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    EHEIM CO2 sets offer a simple and reliable way to supply the correct amount of CO2 into your aquarium for healthy plant growth.

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  • NEW: EHEIM LEDcontrol+

    NEW: EHEIM LEDcontrol+

    The wireless lighting control for simulating light as in nature. Operation via smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. Especially for EHEIM powerLED+ lamps.

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  • NEW: EHEIM proxima

    NEW: EHEIM proxima

    The aesthetically pleasing aquarium combination. An interesting mix of glass and aluminium as well as a new cabinet design.

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  • NEW: EHEIM streamcontrol

    NEW: EHEIM streamcontrol

    The control system for circulation and flow pumps to simulate natural water flows in the aquarium.

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  • World Branding Award

    World Branding Award

    EHEIM awarded „Brand of the Year“

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  • NEW: EHEIM Food

    NEW: EHEIM Food

    The new quality benchmark by the pioneers in aquatics. Healthy diet – ideal for both fish and water.

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  • NEW: EHEIM water care

    NEW: EHEIM water care

    The perfect supplement to EHEIM technology.
    Outstanding products. Without aggressive chemicals.

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EHEIM thermopreset

EHEIM thermopreset 50
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EHEIM compactON

EHEIM compactON 300
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EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight 360mm
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