EHEIM Interzoo 2018 – new products/ smart aquarium technology (23.05.2018)

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EHEIM Interzoo 2018 - At this year's Interzoo, EHEIM once again underlines its leading global position as the inventor and manufacturer of high-quality aquatic products.



Deizisau, May 2018 – This year at Interzoo, the EHEIM aquatics group
presented an enormous variety of new products and innovations in the fields of
aquatics, garden pond and shop design. The focus was on technical aquatics
and increasing digitalisation.

At this year's Interzoo, EHEIM once again underlines its leading global position
as the inventor and manufacturer of high-quality aquatic products and as a
pioneer in future oriented technologies.

In addition to a wide range of proven and optimised products and offers, the
company presented many innovations on an area of around 460 square metres.
The main focus was on EHEIM's core competence: technical aquatics. In the
meantime, digitalisation has opened up new possibilities.

EHEIM aquatics

For example, EHEIM presented the "EHEIM LEDcontrol+" - a new wireless
electronic lighting control system for setting (via WLAN) light intensity and lighting
scenes as in nature. The controller can be easily operated via smartphone, tablet
or PC without an app.

In addition, the "EHEIM streamcontrol" was developed, a new electronic control
system for circulation and flow pumps for simulating natural water flows in

There is now also an electronic version of the legendary EHEIM heater:
"EHEIM thermocontrole". The aquarium heater regulates and maintains the
water temperature in the aquarium even more precisely than before.

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular when it comes to light. In
addition to various light spectra and intensities for freshwater and marine water,
EHEIM now offers "EHEIM classicLED plants", another LED luminaire specially
designed for aquatic plants. The increased blue-red content has a positive effect
on plant growth, emphasises the colours of fish and also produces a pleasant
natural light in the aquarium.

Also new - both in technology and design - are the aquarium combinations of the
series "EHEIM proxima" and "EHEIM incpiria":

“EHEIM proxima", "EHEIM proxima LED" and "EHEIM proxima classicLED"
offer different lighting variants. The aquarium design with a material mix of glass
and aluminium and the newly designed cabinet with horizontal lines now looks
even more modern. All three variants are available in high-gloss white, mocha,
oak-wood tone or in concrete look (urban).

“EHEIM incpiria", "EHEIM incpiria marine" and "EHEIM incpiria reef" are the
three highest quality aquarium combinations in the aquatic market. They are
available in four tank sizes from 230 to 530 litres and the new depth of 60 cm
provides a high degree of design freedom.
The cabinet with high-gloss surface (alpine, graphite) or wooden front (nature)
has a handleless door design and deliberately emphasises the minimalist lines.
The "reach zone" design element used received the coveted "German Design
Award" at the end of 2017. Atmospheric LED lighting underlines the individual
character and integrates interesting lighting effects into the existing living

The freshwater version "EHEIM incpiria" and the marine water combination
"EHEIM incpiria marine" are each equipped with appropriately matched
powerLED+ lights. "EHEIM incpiria reef" is open at the top and is designed for
marine water enthusiasts with individual requirements. Both marine water
combinations are supplied including filter sump, "EHEIM compactON 3000" feed
pump, pre-assembled piping etc. as a plug & play system.

EHEIM CO2 sets: CO2 fertilisation systems for healthy plant growth in
aquariums. 3 complete sets for aquariums up to 200, 400 and 600 litres available
as disposable or reusable system with comprehensive accessories.

In addition to these highlights, EHEIM presented a large number of other
products. The offer ranges from a new air pump, a dimmer for
EHEIM classicLED lighting, original EHEIM accessories to the proven EHEIM
premium food and water treatment products.

EHEIM pond

New pond products complete the range with practical functions: UV clarifiers
with 24 and 36 watts, the ice-free holder EHEIM THERMO200 and the 1300 watt
strong sludge extractor EHEIM VAC40 provide optimum maintenance for the

EHEIM shopDesign

EHEIM also sets standards in shop design. Innovative concepts for the pet trade
in high quality, attractive design and safe construction. For the first time, the
newly developed plant centre is presented, which allows the end customer selfservice
(self-removal of the plant pots) when purchasing plants due to the
emerse plant presentation.

All in all, an impressive demonstration of outstanding engineering and design

The EHEIM company group, with headquarters in Deizisau near Stuttgart, is a
medium-sized family company with subsidiaries in the aquatic, pond, aviation and
commercial shopfitting industries. Central to this is the aquatics group and, with
operations in Europe and Asia, it is one of the leading manufacturers in the pet
industry and the global leader in the aquarium filter sector. The aquatic ranges
include aquariums, aquarium technology and filter systems as well as fish food
and water care products. In addition, the company offers a new pond range and
shop fitting equipment for specialist pet shops. In the aviation division, EHEIM
operates the business charter company SFD (Stuttgarter Flugdienst). The
property construction subsidiary, Intek, is represented by two sites in Germany
where the company plans, manufactures and installs interior fittings systems and
building fixtures, specializing in system partition walls and system cabinets.

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