EHEIM LEDcontrol+ – Sun, moon and clouds (31.07.2018)

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EHEIM LEDcontrol+ – the wireless lighting control for simulating light as in nature.




Deizisau, July 2018 – EHEIM LEDcontrol+ – the wireless lighting control for simulating light as in nature. Operation via smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. Especially for EHEIM powerLED+ lamps.

With EHEIM LEDcontrol+ you can easily control the brightness curve and the lighting mood in your aquarium - without cables. 

A lot depends on the light in your aquarium. Animals and plants react positively to the natural process of brightness and light colours. Our wireless LED controller offers you a variety of settings.

Thanks to integrated plug connections, it is quickly installed. Programming is easy on a smartphone, tablet or PC. You do not need an app for this, you control the network of the controller directly. Now select the luminaire and one of the pre-installed lighting scenarios - done. Alternatively, you can enter your individual lighting scenario and set the duration of sunrise and sunset, select moonlight and clouds, etc. The current time is automatically synchronized. And when setting up a new aquarium, you can even use an acclimatisation function.

Updates can be downloaded free of charge from the EHEIM website. At the touch of a button, the controller checks whether a new software is available.


Advantages of the wireless LED controller EHEIM LEDcontrol+
•    Control of the aquarium lighting - only in combination with E-HEIM powerLED+ lights
•    Integrated plug-in connections
•    Wireless operation via smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac via your own network
•    Simulation of the light variations and light moods as in nature
•    Pre-installed lighting scenarios for fresh and marine water including quick-start guide
•    Individually programmable lighting sequence and control of the colour channels
•    Freely configurable: sunrise, sunset (up to 3 hours each), cloud effects, moonlight etc.
•    Lighting scenarios can also be shared with other aquarists
•    Expert mode with additional setting options
•    Acclimatisation mode, e.g. when setting up new aquariums
•    Ideal for the "fresh plants" and "marine hybrid" luminaires; here you can individually adjust the brightness curve as well as the light colours
•    With the "fresh daylight" or "marine actinic" luminaires, you can only define the brightness curve
•    Fast forward to check the selected settings
•    Easy change from summer to winter time at the touch of a button
•    Updates free of charge for download on the EHEIM website
•    Highest safety and reliability - 3 years warranty



The EHEIM company group, with headquarters in Deizisau near Stuttgart, is a
medium-sized family company with subsidiaries in the aquatic, pond, aviation and
commercial shopfitting industries. Central to this is the aquatics group and, with
operations in Europe and Asia, it is one of the leading manufacturers in the pet
industry and the global leader in the aquarium filter sector. The aquatic ranges
include aquariums, aquarium technology and filter systems as well as fish food
and water care products. In addition, the company offers a new pond range and
shop fitting equipment for specialist pet shops. In the aviation division, EHEIM
operates the business charter company SFD (Stuttgarter Flugdienst). The
property construction subsidiary, Intek, is represented by two sites in Germany
where the company plans, manufactures and installs interior fittings systems and
building fixtures, specializing in system partition walls and system cabinets.

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