EHEIM shopDesign: First self-service sales system for aquarium plants (14.08.2018)

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EHEIM shopDesign: First self-service sales system for aquarium plants




Deizisau, September 2018 – With a completely new plant centre, EHEIM shopDesign can offer the pet trade a brand new and innovative self service plant sales system. The fine spray mist is the key to the concept.

Aquarium plants are generally kept in traditional plant systems that require the sales staff to bag the selected plants – the new EHEIM shopDesign self service plant centre can change this. The customers can serve themselves and simply take the plant to the checkout, reducing customer waiting time and freeing the staff for more demanding sales.

The new plant centre is a fully equipped sales system for the presentation of emersed (‘above water’ as used by plant breeders in greenhouses) and submersed (‘under water’ as with ordinary aquatic plants) plants. The system can be set up separately or it can be integrated, visually and technically, into an appropriate aquarium system. The framework consists of an aluminium plug-in system with reinforced corner connectors. The plants are presented in two different glass tanks:

The upper tank, for emersed plants, is open at the front and divided into two levels - enabling the customers to serve themselves.  On both levels, the plants are moistened by an extremely fine spray mist which is controlled by a timer. There is no ground moisture in front of the system and a filter in the water supply line keeps the spray water clean.  Both levels have 1 x EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants – providing optimum lighting, strong plants and an attractive display.

The lower tank, for submersed plants, is closed and not suitable for self service.  The high quality EHEIM professional 4+ external filter ensures clean, clear water and the EHEIM powerLED+ (fresh plants) provides optimal lighting and healthy plant growth.

The tanks are equipped with robust black plastic trays which are provided with recesses for the plant pots. The plants are served and removed from the front but the maintenance is carried out from the back.  The base area (storage space) provides space for the technology – including the booster pump and the external filter.

The new plant centre is ‚all inclusive‘ and complete with delivery, installation and equipment. The EHEIM professionel 4+ external filter comes complete with all connectors and nozzles and the system also includes three EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plant LED lights, a pressure booster pump, a filter for the water supply and a timer for setting the sprayer times.

Optional extras include spare nozzles, a water softening/reverse osmosis system in case the water does not fall into the "soft" hardness range, a night cover made of acrylic glass for the front opening, and a rear wall with graphic foil or powder coating in a selected RAL colour.

EHEIM shopDesign plant sales system in the Fressnapf XXL in Kaiserslautern


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