What you should know about light in the aquarium (30.10.2018)

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What you should know about light in the aquarium

Deizisau, december 2018 – Light gives plants energy for photosynthesis and growth and this applies to plants in freshwater aquariums as well as to corals and anemones in marine aquariums. Healthy and vigorously growing plants detoxify the water, remove food from algae and provide the oxygen the fish need to breathe. Freshwater inhabitants generally require little light. In marine water, blue light illuminates and enhances the fluorescent colours of invertebrates.

The fairy tale of the PAR value

Sometimes the PAR value of aquarium lighting is emphasized (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). However, PAR only says how much light is emitted by a luminaire between 400 and 700 nm - i.e. in the range visible to us humans. Light below 400 nm (ultraviolet) and above 700 nm (infrared) is not taken into account. This also contributes to good and effective photosynthesis.

In addition, PAR assesses each light color for photosynthesis in the same way. However, water plants, corals and anemones can only use certain light colours effectively. The colour composition (spectrum) of the light in an aquarium should therefore be precisely matched to the needs of the cultivated plants and animals.

“Less is more”. A high PAR value without fine tuning of the light spectrum can, under certain circumstances, only be used to a limited extent or not at all for photosynthesis and healthy growth - and only costs an unnecessary amount of energy. It's like "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut".

The EHEIM LED lights are ideally matched to the needs in the aquarium and also unsurpassed in terms of energy efficiency.  

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