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    EHEIM InstallationsSETs – the wide product range of connectors, extension pieces and other accessories. There is a multitude of possible configurations.

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The EHEIM InstallationsSETs allows you to decide about the water flow in your aquarium.

Where should the inlet for the water be situated? How should the outlet work? What kind of tubes, hoses, nozzles etc. should be used?
Our InstallationsSETs are a modular range of accessories. They consist of a wide range of matching components, with which you can configure and extend your water flow connectors to suit your own personal requirements. The sets can be attached to all EHEIM external filters. InstallationsSET 1 is designed for the inlet side and InstallationsSET 2 for the outlet side. 

Two basic sets  – the complete basis for your own individual extension using a comprehensive range of accessories:

EHEIM InstallationsSET 1 (inlet side)

A basic set for attaching to the inlet side of all external filters. With this set you can decide where the water will be sucked into the aquarium. A  completely safe and watertight hose and InstallationsSET1 connection. Depending on your preference the suction pipe can be lengthened or  shortened.
Easy cleaning of the hose without removal. Safe, permanent attachment in the tank with EHEIM quality suction cups.

There are  2 sizes – for

  • hose-ø 12/16 mm and
  • hose-ø 16/22 mm    

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