• Stunningly beautiful and technically perfect

    EHEIM incpiria marine – the marine water aquarium combination suitable for salt water requirements.  A classically elegant, high quality design combining precise technology with user-friendly practicality.

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EHEIM incpiria marine offers you the highest standard in marine aquatics

Elegant design, high quality workmanship and construction, perfect technology, quiet performance and optimum safety – all fully assembled.  This is the incpiria marine.

The panes of pure white glass, combined with the specially designed, highly efficient LED lighting, give a clear view of the exotic underwater world. The integrated overflow protection gives additional security and the generous filter sump makes maintenance easy.  The system runs quietly due to the patented, noiseless drainage shaft. The EHEIM compactON 3000 return pump is included and all pipework and cables are pre-assembled for ‘plug & play’.

Advantages of the aquarium combination EHEIM incpiria marine

  • Aquariums – 230, 330, 430 and 530 litres
  • All aquariums 60cm deep (deeper than before – ideal for aquascaping)
  • Flawless, natural blaze of colour due to the pure white glass panes
  • Convenient sliding cover made of high-quality black glass
  • Internal, well-coordinated LED lighting – 3x powerLED+ hybrid; 1x powerLED+ actinic 
  • Integrated supply shaft (black glass) to hide hoses and cables
  • Shaft positioned in the corner – for more space for design and decoration of your underwater world
  • Patented, noiseless drainage shaft
  • Large filter sump with storage chamber for osmosis water
  • Filter sump with splash guard and constant water level (important for constant skimming quality)
  • Overflow protection (emergency overflow even in case of power failure)
  • Internal cabinet joints sealed with silicone
  • Cabinet with high-gloss finish (alpine and graphite) or with modern, (haptically) pleasantly textured wooden front
  • Atmospheric LED lighting in the cabinet with remote control (dimmable, 640.000 colours, 20 automatic programmes)
  • Pipework pre-assembled: Fixed pipework made of PVC-U; silicone hose as coupling piece to the feed pump ( plug & play system) 
  • Return pump included (EHEIM compactON 3000)

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