• EHEIM vivalineLED – perfectly harmonised

    EHEIM vivalineLED is the new freshwater aquarium combination in four different sizes and countless colour combinations. Gelsenkirchen Baroque was yesterday, the new EHEIM  vivalineLED series in straightforwardness more likely reminds to Bauhaus architecture, unfussy and timelessly modern.



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Whether 126, 150, 180 or 240 liters volume, all is perfectly coordinated for this „all inclusive program“ consisting of aquarium with –EHEIM LED lighting, cabinet, filter, heater and biological filter media. You only have to think about fish and plants.

In addition, the EHEIM vivalineLED series can be perfectly coordinated with your interior due to the fact that the new decorative board is replaceable. And therefore your aquarium will become as individual as you are. You will get a little bit of variety and the guarantee that your durable aquarium will also fit to your interior with a new wallpaper or new curtains after some years.

The replaceable decorative board is delivered in the three colours for cabinets anthracite, oak grey and white. Available as an accessory is the decorative board in the trendy designs bordeaux, candy, lemon, sky and urban – a lighter grey tone. The decorative board is screwed and can be replaced, even with a filled aquarium. 

The energy-efficient LED lighting is movable for a better handling. The sliding panes are made of high quality aluminium composite panels, the covering frame with openings for all leads is glued on firmly. 

The 150 liter aquarium stands out of the series of EHEIM vivalineLED combinations by its design – with 60 cm of width and 50 cm depth it is almost square. 

The complete EHEIM vivalineLED series is made in Germany.

Model Volume Lighting LED EHEIM filter EHEIM thermocontrol
vivalineLED 126 
126 l 1x 10,6 W biopower 160 
100 W
vivalineLED 150 
150 l 2x 7,7 W biopower 200  
100 W
vivalineLED 180 
180 l

1x 13,5 W

biopower 200 
150 W
vivalineLED 240 
240 l 1x 17,5 W ecco pro 300 
150 W

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