• Divinely beautiful and technically perfect

    EHEIM incpiria marine – the marine water furniture aquarium for demanding requirements. Classically beautiful design. Very high quality. Perfect technology. Well perfected convenience. 

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  • EHEIM incpiria 600 marine
  • EHEIM incpiria 600 marine
  • EHEIM incpiria 600 marine
  • EHEIM incpiria 600 marine
  • EHEIM incpiria 600 marine

EHEIM incpiria marine offers you the highest level of marine fishkeeping.   

Noble design, high quality finishing, well-engineered construction, perfect technology, pleasantly quiet, optimum safety – and all completely pre-assembled. That is incpiria marine.

The glass panels out of the purest white glass give you a clear view of the exotic underwater world. The generous equipment tank in the bottom cabi-net make maintenance easy. The specially designed lighting is highly effi-cient. The overflow protection gives you security. You will hear absolutely nothing from the patented, silent outflow shaft. And, of course, all pipes and cables come pre-assembled (“Plug & Play”). 

Benefits of the furniture aquarium EHEIM incpiria marine

  • aquariums with 200, 300, 400 and 500 litre volume
  • undistorted, natural colourfulness due to extremely clear glass panels out of white glass
  • easy to use sliding top cover
  • 4x EHEIM powerLED hybrid 45W
  • integrated maintenance shaft for cable etc.
  • patented, silent outlet shaft
  • Generous equipment tank with 4 chambers in bottom cupboard
  • Filtration tank with constant water level in equipment chamber (im-portant for consistent, high quality skimming)
  • Overflow protection (emergency overflow even in case of power cut)
  • Furniture cabinet with high gloss surfaces
  • Sealed inner edges of cabinet
  • Doors with recessed cup handles
  • Pipework completely pre-assembled (Plug & Play System)