• The little marine water paradise in a home environment

    The latest trend of furnishing and living: A mini coral reef as decorative accessory. An invitation to look, watch and dream. EHEIM nano marine 35 – the design aquarium in small format.

  • nano marine:
  • 35

Something special for people who love beautiful things.

The attractive mini reef aquarium can be stocked with colourful corals, shrimps, hermit crabs, tube worms and ornamental snails. It is not suitable for fish because they need more space to swim.
The stylish glass cube, full of life is an eyecatcher in the shelf, on the sideboard, on the desk or with a matching cabinet as a freestanding solitaire.
With EHEIM nano marine 35 you decide for exquisite design, highest quality and perfect equipment.

Advantages of the EHEIM nano marine 35

  • Tank size 35 l
  • Clear design, high quality (float glass), best workmanship
  • Elegant and economical LED lighting ( 1 x powerLED daylight & actinic blue und 1 x powerLED actinic blue)
  • Special, precisely adjusted corner internal filter (completely equipped)
  • Flow pump with magnetic holder and adjustable flow rate 1.400 – 2.000 l/h
  • The 3D setting allows an individual flow of the mini coral reef as well as an optimal water circulation
  • Matching accessories: cabinet (column) and EHEIM thermocontrol adjustable heater as well as EHEIM skim350 surface skimmer

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