• The unique shrimp paradise

    EHEIM nano shrimp tank – the modified version of our aquastyle nano aquarium. A remarkable concept with a soil filter system, specifically designed for keeping and breeding shrimp.

  • nano shrimp:
  • 35

With EHEIM aquastyle nano shrimp you finally can get more young shrimps.

Due to the fact that young shrimp are tiny and many of them will be sucked into the aquarium filter whilst searching for food, it has always been difficult to keep and grow shrimp to adulthood – until now!

With the EHEIM nano shrimp tank, we have developed a new concept – a special shrimp tank with a soil filter system. Instead of a corner filter, the soil, combined with undergravel filter plates placed under the gravel, acts as a filter system. The young shrimp can’t penetrate this layer so you can enjoy watching the young shrimp grow and thrive.

Advantages of the EHEIM aquastyle nano shrimp

  • 35 lt tank size
  • High quality (float glass) and high standard of workmanship
  • Elegant, effective and economical Daylight powerLED
  • Easy-care soil filter system – undergravel filter (priming principle)
  • EHEIM compact 300 pump - small, quiet and adjustable
  • Suitable accessories: Cabinet (column); EHEIM JÄGER adjustable heater

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