• 24h fertilizer

    The best for your plants – because you love your fish

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  • EHEIM plant care - 24h Tagesdünger 140ml

EHEIM plant care fertilisers contain all the necessary nutrients for your plants – without any unnecessary additives.  

EHEIM plant fertilisers complete our programme for clean and healthy water in your aquarium. They are a carefully blended mix of quality nutrients and natural trace elements. They do not contain unnecessary additives or any phosphates or nitrates, which might disturb the biological balance in an adverse way. Quality – naturally - from EHEIM. 

24-hour fertiliser

Complete, highly effective daily nourishment for your plants

Contains a 24-hour supply of all the essential nutrients for your plants. This is the optimum solution for quick-growing and demanding plants, with an extra dose of short-term, stable elements such as potassium and magnesium.


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