• Gentle water care

    EHEIM water care – the perfect supplement to EHEIM technology. Outstanding products. Without aggressive chemicals. At one with nature.

EHEIM water care products support the technology – on a natural basis and without aggressive chemicals.

Our water care products consist mainly of microbiological substances, as they occur in nature. This means careful handling of the vital element of animals and plants. Gentle, but effective improvement of the environment, without upsetting the ecological balance.
Please remember that: With everything you add to the water, you can change its texture. Proceed with caution. Less is often more.

EHEIM nitratBIOex
For the initial filling and water change – for the active decomposition of nitrate in fresh water and saltwater aquariums.

Immediate biological activity, removes harmful organic substances from the aquarium in a very short period of time, lowers the nitrate level, reduces organic sludge on the bottom and in the filter.


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