• Chemical filter media

    Depending on which type, chemical filter media control the pH-value and the water hardness (peat) – or reduce the phosphate level and inhibit the growth of algae (phosphateout).

    The pH-value of mains water lies between 7,3 and 7,8 and is therefore slightly alkaline. However, most ornamental fish require acidic water – that is a pH-value under 7,0. EHEIM TORFpellets lower the pH-value and reduce the water hardness.

  • TORFpellets:
  • 1l


Chemically acting filter peat lowers the pH-value and reduces the water hardness.

EHEIM TORFpellets consist of specially treated, acidic peat. It is rich in valuable substances such as humic acids and trace elements (therefore do not wash it). Peat pellets lower (acidify) the pH-value of the water and so reduce the water hardness. The pellets should, however, only be used if the pH-value necessary for the particular type of fish is exceeded. Peat filtration is particularly suitable for tropical clear to black water.

  • Peat pellets lower the pH-value (the water is acidified)
  • As a rule use when over 7,0 pH (depending on type of fish)


  • Peat expands in water. Therefore rinse before use.
  • Do not wash pellets, otherwise valuable substances will be lost
  • Replace after 3-6 weeks
  • Do not use together with active carbon
  • Only suitable for fresh water

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