• Mechanical Filter Media

    Mechanical filter media trap suspended matter and dirt particles. This takes place at various stages:
    Firstly, before the water flows through the rest of the cleaning process, EHEIM MECH and EHEIM MECHpro provide high efficiency. EHEIM FIX is the ideal material to use as a separation layer between the mechanical and biological filter media. And for fine filtration at the end, before the water returns into the aquarium, EHEIM SYNTH is the ideal material to use.


Filter wadding for fine filtration as last filter layer – e.g. for turbid water conditions 

This fine fibre filter wadding once more cleans the water mechanically before re-entry into the aquarium. EHEIM SYNTH removes the finest dirt particles from the water, which are often responsible for turbidity in the aquarium. As the final filter layer EHEIM SYNTH should be used in a thin layer up to maximum 10 mm. After medication treatment a new layer of EHEIM SYNTH should be used.
To fit an EHEIM external filter, we also offer EHEIM filter fine pads to achieve the same result.

  • Fine fibre filter wadding
  • Usage e.g. for turbid water as the last filter layer
  • Removes the finest particles
  • Suitable for fresh and marine water

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