• Aquarium Units

    Advantages at a glance

  • ●    High quality aluminium frames (extremely resistant materials)
    ●    Corner connectors with V2A steel cores (connectors and fasteners not visible)
    ●    Easily accessible, prize-winning service flaps
    ●    Well-engineered, tried and tested technology, easy to operate, low maintenance
    ●    All components brand manufacturers or made in-house
    ●    Optimum water circulation, central and local outlets
    ●    Central and localised filtration systems (block filtration, multilevel filtra-tion, single filtration)  
    ●    Water change and surface film residue skimming also possible automatically
    ●    Electrical connections and cables designed according to VDE regulations (German Association of Electrical
         Standards); cable enclosed in sturdy, sealed ducting
    ●    Exchangeable decors according to your desired theme
    ●    Various matching modules for customised solutions
    ●    2 modules available: “standard” and “Picar” range, (‘Picar” range specially designed for smaller pet shops.
         We also offer units for pond and cold water fish or Koi.