• Aquarium Units

    Whether you refitting your existing sales area or starting up a pet shop – it always comes down to the same thing: to design the installation with optimum sales psychology in mind, while using the best equipment, which is appropriate to species and easy to maintain.

  • Reliable and technically perfect
    Our  aquarium units are made from very sturdy materials (aluminium and plastics). The water inlet and outlet are made of PVC and stainless steel. All the cables run inside fixed, closed ducts and the electric sockets are protected against water and humidity. All pumps and filters are high quality devices from EHEIM. Made in Germany.

    Low maintenance and money saving
    Our aquarium units save you  maintenance and cleaning time and therefore reduce your personnel costs. Filter equipment, thermostatic heaters, UV sterilisation and optimum water circulation simplify the work. Central and  localised filtration systems (block filtration, multilevel filtration, single  filtration) as well as automated water exchange and surface skimming are all possibilities.

    Design and Decor
    All units can be individually customised to your needs. The design panels can be changed at any time. Thus, for instance, you can emphasise      specific themes and create a  new ambience for your customers again and again.  

    The Picar Series modular system
    The cost effective solution also for small premises – specially developed for smaller pet retailers. The range comprises systemised units (tank size 1000x400x400 mm.), which offer many possibilities even in smaller shop areas. Materials and workmanship are, of course, up to our usual high standards of quality.

    Units for pond and cold water fish
    The trend concerning presentation of cold water fish and Koi is moving in the direction of glass tanks. We are reacting to this trend. The units have a  V2A-base. The units are pallet-sized, which is ideal for storage out of season. The base is faced in stone or wood panelling.