• Bird Units

    Advantages at a glance

  • ●    High quality aluminium frame
    ●    Species-appropriate ventilation
    ●    Handmade cages, galvanised in gloss and blue chrome plated on request  
    ●    Litter tray made of stainless steel
    ●    Anti-dirt seals in the cage bottom  
    ●    Antiglare shield (pearl Plexiglas)
    ●    Adjustable real wood perches in different thicknesses
    ●    Food and water feeding bowls made of aluminium and plastic, adjustable
    ●    Storage area underneath
    ●    Removable divider panels made of PVC
    ●    Aviaries with stainless steel bottoms, accessible from the back
    ●    Standard units according to TVT guidelines

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