• Bird Units

    Easy care and species-appropriate husbandry.

  • Care and maintenance
    Cleaning and disinfecting the bird cages is easy to perform from the front via a access flap. Faeces and food remains are easy to remove by simply pulling out the tray. Food and water containers made of aluminium and plastic are easy to remove and clean. The aviaries are accessible from the back for cleaning and maintenance.

    Individual feeding places
    The perches are made of real, untreated wood. They are available in differ-ent thicknesses, so that every kind of bird is able to find its feeding place.

    Appropriate climate
    Birds need temperature appropriate to their species . All bird units and avi-aries can be fitted out with extremely efficient air conditioning. Each bird cage is temperature controlled by an internal unit. A digital display shows the actual temperature. The cooling fins of the air conditioning unit are   pro-tected by a grill, safe from inquisitive attacks.




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