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  • Examples from some of our shop design objects


    Dehner, Karlsruhe
    Mediterranean flair combined with high functionality.
    This pet shop offers a high level of experience for the whole family. All units are produced to a high quality, extremely well technically equipped and are low maintenance. The rodent unit has been designed to meet the new, more demanding guidelines of the TVT. In the aviaries the animal protection regulations have even been surpassed. A generous pond installation as well as a roaming area for bearded dragons enhance the experience level.




    Qualipet, Zürich, Limmatplatz
    An amazing pet shop.
    The Limmatplatz in Zürich is amonst the most sought-after and expensive squares in Switzerland. Exactly the right place to showcase just what our shopDesign can do: in this shop, the leitmotif Inca /Maya in the form of a temple has been created and the rest of the environment has been designed to fit this theme – even the shelf edges and at the entrance. The aquariums and terrariums as well as the rodent units are fully integrated. The technical equipment is, as always, unsurpassed.





    Qualipet, Crissier
    An optical and technical highlight.
    Modern units and in appearance maintained to a very high technical level in a timeless design. All units are framed in LED lighting. The colour of the satin glass panels demarcates the areas from one another. Nothing has been spared in the finish and the technical equipment and the unit meets the most demanding requirements. Functions such as automatic water change and surface skimming in the aquarium units make maintenance seem like child’s play.




    Qualipet, Carouge
    A modern market with outstanding elegance.
    A nuance of luxury with white surfaces combined with a wenge coloured base, between the units. A pet store that points the way. The high quality  precisely adapted equipment and maintenance friendliness round off the total picture.




    Futterhaus Elmshorn
    Elegant straight lines with magic moments in the terrarium and rodent areas.





    Zoo & Co., Sinsheim
    A successful mixture of technical straightforwardness and playfulness. The aquarium unit is “Full-LED”, which reduces the energy consumption of the lighting by half. LED lighting between the units enhances the complete optical effect. Customers visiting the reptiles walk through a cave-like passage. The terrariums are integrated directly into the rock walls without visible frames. The rodent unit is another attraction, designed like a house and, of course, built according to the high standards of animal husbandry in pet shops.




    EHEIM shopDesign baut auch für: Dehner, Zoo & Co, Futterhaus, OBI, Zoopalast, Fressnapf and many other customers throughout  Europe.

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